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Mark Rinder  Owner/Builder
Rickenbacker Years
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About Rinder Guitars
Rinder Guitars is operated right here in Orange County, CA. Since our company opened in 2009
Grew up in O.C-Ca and spent most years in construction while serving a shorter career in the PC industry..Moving on to manage wood shops,etc....I started Rinder Guitars in 2008 and have almost 150 guitars strong !
in the earlier years of my woodworking i found myself at G&L Guitars working the neck department for Leo himself..Fast forward in years i renewed my relationship with G&L doing there rustic series for many years well as other projects.... 
G&L Years
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As time moved on in my woodworking career i was already neck deep in guitar making,so i further developed my experience in joining Rickenbacker Guitars as lead builder for 4 years
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